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Samantha Jade on Webfetti from Miss Indie on Vimeo.
Check out the video below from music artist Samantha Jade! Her music was featured in the movie Step Up, and her new album drops next month.

Our sister site, Webfetti, now features Samantha's exclusive custom-designed layout, glitter graphics, a music generator and more for your social networking profile, blog, or website. Webfetti is free, easy to use, and chock full of stuff from your favorite stars!

Samantha Jade on Webfetti from Miss Indie on Vimeo.

Fri, 15 Feb 2008 01:26:00 EST
Entertainment Buzz


Just in time for Valentine's Day, our sister site MyFunCards has launched a Valentine Generator. Choose a frame and add your own photo... or pick a postcard design and add your personalized message. Just click the fancy pink promo image below and get creatin' - Valentine's Day, after all, is less than 24 hours away.


CupidInstead of spending money on fancy dinners, bouquets, or waist-widening chocolates for your loved one on Valentine's Day, how 'bout showing some love absolutely for free?

Smiley Central and our sister sites have a ton of free Heart Day goodies that'll liven up your IMs, e-mails, social networking profile, and blog. Why not...

Emote with a free eCard (see below)!

Say it with sweet smileys in your IMs, e-mails, blog, and more!

Add a cute cursor to your MySpace, blog, or other site!

Pimp your profile with glittery hearts and 3D hearts!

Add a photo slideshow of your sweetie to your space!

Post Zwinky valentines or Zwinky anti-valentines on your friends' profiles!

Add some tender tunes to your site!

Get a lovey dovey layout for your profile!

Capture your loved one's heart...with one of these games on your page!

Profess your love on camera, and frame it on your space with these video generators!

Let the late greats say it for you with these caring quotes!

Create your Zwinky, and attend the virtual February Fling party!

Shop Zwinky's boutique for virtual clothes like cute Cupid costumes and more!

Use cherished photos of your loved one to create a sweet screensaver!

Dancing Teddy Kitty Heart Top 10 List - Lovers
Lucky Me Monkey Kiss Can't Fight Love

Instead of spending money on fancy dinners, bouquets, or waist-widening chocolates for your loved one on Valentine's Day, how 'bout showing some love absolutely for free?


Hey, Smiley Buzz readers!

We at Smiley Central have created our own US Presidential candidates smileys that you can e-mail or IM or post on your social networking profile or blog via Webfetti! It's a great way to show your support for your candidate and to encourage your friends to vote.

And--check this out--you automatically vote in our 2008 Presidential Smiley Primary every time you post, e-mail, or instant message your favorite candidate's smileys.

Check out the smiley versions of all the Democratic, Republican, and independent candidates now. Plus, follow the progress of your fave candidate!

Here's more on how to add Prez smileys. And, eligible U.S. voters, don't forget to register and cast your ballots at the polls. As we learned in the 2000 election, every vote counts!


SmileyCentral.com SmileyCentral.com
Barack Obama Hillary Clinton


SmileyCentral.com SmileyCentral.com
Mitt Romney John McCain

Smiley Independents

SmileyCentral.com SmileyCentral.com
Stephen Colbert Johnny Smiley


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